Thursday, April 1, 2010

100 mg ENVY

Since the draw for tonight’s game was officially decided, all pundit, media and most football lovers around the world turn into the same volume. All speak that the long awaited Barcelona-Arsenal tie will go down as one the most beautiful game of the year, billed like Da Vinci against Michelangelo, Senna versus Schumacher. And, thankfully those two well respected man who stand on the touchline didn’t change their way and the game suddenly fulfilled its destiny.

Labelled as a professor, Arsene Wenger often “unfairly” criticized for staying on his own philosophy about the game and unbelievably not able to deliver even a single prizes when it matter most. Mourinho (and Fergie) undeniably can claim a lot more victorious night since Wenger lose his “invincibles” about six years ago. But for tonight, His (and of course Guardiola) way of football gave us just about heroic saves, “extraterrestrial” passing accuracy display, delightful finish, late penalty followed by dubious red card decision, and all other drama could offered in a football match.

This is surely what Mourinho still couldn’t (perhaps won’t) match them no matter how special he is. Perhaps all that missing from the night was this “unluckily” only a quarterfinal game. One game that will perish in most of tonight viewer’s memory once the music of Queen’s “We Are The Champions” conclude a night in Madrid this May. Unless maybe if its turn out to be Arsene Wenger destiny to silence the critics and crowned as the European champions.

As a dead stick Manchester United fans, its been so long since i have to felt “envious” about others club game, especially at time when my heart wait in vain for rooney’s injury news. Hence, I’ve been strangely cherished a bit by seeing others (adversaries in time) playing a game as beautiful as it could be. So compelling this Barcelona-Arsenal game that I (almost) left to curse the fourth official when he raised the injury time board. It is perhaps the same exact feeling when last year I found out that Pixar’s UP sadly have an end.

But once again, this “enviousness” doesn’t have to go into distraction of love….

Just like when a normal married man met beautiful stranger down the road, get a chance to say a thing or two, get connected and suddenly learn that she is really admirable. Yet, in the end of the day, good man will always come back to the place he already choose to love and always felt to be loved in cheerful nights or dispute times of his relationship.

A place we used to call it home….

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